Final Cut Pro Studio 2

If you are reading this, you are probably aware of all the new Final Cut Pro Studio 2 enhancements, including Soundtrack Pro 2, 3D support in Motion, and the new “Color” application included in the suite. Also. Apple announced Final Cut Server. This tool will add a much needed incorporated high end asset management tool into the FCP workflow. Based on what I read in the forums and on the web, the FCP community is thrilled with all the news. I share this view. By the way – be sure to check out the quick-tours for Color, FCP Studio 2, and FCP Server on the Apple site.

I sat through the live web updates for two hours, studied all the new specifications posted on the site, and finished up by ordering my copy of the update. I wanted to share a bit of personal insight in reference to today’s big announcements.

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In terms of Soundtrack Pro 2, Apple has made major improvements to the software. With the addition of 5.1 support, multi-track recording, and a host of additional enhancements, Soundtrack Pro 2 becomes a major player and a solid consideration for those who have been using multi-track DAW applications like Pro Tools, Digital Performer, and Adobe Audition. The only catch with STP 2 is that it is not available as a standalone application. No secret of course.


I must admit that I am confused about one particular issue. First, it’s no secret that Color is Apple’s re-branded version of Final Touch HD. Prior to the acquisition, this was a $5000 piece of software. Now it is bundled with Studio Suite 2 at no additional cost. This is fantastic, and it was totally unexpected.

Final Cut Server will sell for $999. This version includes support for up to a 10 user license agreement. In my opinion this is priced accordingly *if* multiple user support is required. My question is – what about small post facilities and freelancers? Has Apple essentially restricted aggressive adaptation to this new asset management system? In my opinion they should have released a single user license version, or a scaled variation – and priced it accordingly. Just to be clear – I’m not stating that the $999 tag [$1999 for unlimited license support] is out of line. I’m just a bit perplexed as to why FCP server would cost almost as much as the entire studio suite? Is this not a valid assessment?

I checked the status of my order a few moments ago. Estimated shipping date for Final Cut Studio 2 is “… On or Before May 31st …” I’m sure that we will have lot’s too discuss in the coming weeks.