Aphex 240

4c.jpgI spent a few weeks working with the Aphex 240 Advanced Gating and Compression System. This is a two channel dynamics processor that I often recommend to producers who require a high end component that is user friendly and cost affective.I’ve posted a review on the PCA site.

This type of processor lacks all the fancy voice processing parameters that are included on most professional vocal processors. The 240 is capable of taming dynamics as you record, and this will help maximize efficiency in post production. In the article, I state if you are interested in creating a “signature” sound using an external device, the 240 may not be what you are looking for. In this case the producer should consider the Aphex 230 Voice Processor. It’s important to note that the 230 is a single channel device that retails for $699 US. If two independent channels of processing is required, cost becomes a factor.

Keep in mind that by placing the 240 processing at the source, software plugins can still be added to the workflow in RT or in post in order to expand flexibility. This will mimic the functions of a vocal processor and will help you to achieve a signature sound.